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If you have time, have a look at this YouTube video about how to conceive of the 10th Dimension…

If you do not have time, the gist is that as you climb through the dimensions, we begin to see our own experience of time as just one line or point on a graph which traverses increasingly infinite possibilities about what may have happened had events gone slightly differently, even had the Universe been designed with different physical laws and so on… until we reach the 10th dimension, which contains within a single point every possible Universe that could have been created, and everything that could have possibly ever happened within each, and every possible ultimate consequence of all those. Somewhere within that is us. And at that point, I muse, is God.

Now my first thought on learning all this was that God’s mind is very, very big. He is omniscient, and therefore has all these possibilities contained within Him.

My second thought was, does this help to answer the problem of reconciling God’s omniscience with human free will? The problem basically is that human beings are meant to be free, but if God knows exactly what the future will be, then that suggests that our actions are in some way determined.

Well, even if you just look at 6 dimensions, it suggests that every possible use of yours or others’ Free Will is in a sense determined. So God knows every possible outcome, from every possible event or decision that could happen at any moment of time. He knows of some pathways where a soul is lost, others where a soul is saved. The exact unfolding of which pathway through the 7th dimension we will take is determined by our Free Will exercised in the 4th!

In short, we always have to keep reminding ourselves that God is infinitely bigger than we could possibly imagine! He is a 10-dimensional being, who stepped down into the 4th, in order to influence the 6th, save the 7th, and lead us to glories which exceed even the 10th! Blessed be His Holy Name.


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