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“The Catholic understanding is that the ultimate Truth is a mystery beyond human expression.”

Fr. Dwight Longenecker, here.

Fr. Dwight goes on to say, however, that God has revealed something of that Truth to us, and that it can be expressed in human language, albeit in a very limited way. The limitation of human language does not mean at the Truth is not objective and real. Consider also this quotation from Dorothy Day…

“Once a priest told us that no one gets up in the pulpit without promulgating a heresy. He was joking, of course, but what I suppose he meant was the Truth was so pure, so holy, that it was hard to emphasize one aspect of the Truth without underestimating another, that we did not see things as a whole, but through a glass darkly, as St. Paul said.”

Servant of God Dorothy Day, The Long Loneliness

But isn’t the Church meant to have all the answers? Don’t Catholics think they know it all? It seems to get more disconcerting as Fr. Dwight continues…

“We believe that God’s Truth is spread out across creation, across the expressions of all human religions and across the entire sweep of history and philosophy and learning and the arts. Catholic Truth is one part of that whole vast Truth–we don’t contend that it includes all Truth–there is still much to be learned and much to be gathered wherever God’s Truth lies it is Catholic Truth and we embrace it.”

Wait, across all religions?? The entire sweep of history?? Doesn’t this sound like the “There are many roads…” idea I criticised in a previous post? No; what is being said here is what the Catholic Church believes about other religions… ie, that they may well contain certain elements of the Truth, but they’re wrong about other things. For example, Islam believes in one God (tick), but it denies that Jesus was the Son of God, and instead hails Muhammad as the great prophet (not tick).

My understanding is that if something is true then it is Catholic, almost by definition. What we believe as Catholics is true, but that doesn’t mean we know everything. As Fr. Dwight states, the Truth has been spread out across all Creation, and it is like the Church is on a mission to go find it & proclaim it. That includes everything from supernatural Theology to the ever-advancing discovery of Physics.

But even if we found everything there is to find in all Creation, it would still not be the whole Truth. Why? Because the Universe, and our lives, are finite. God, and therefore Truth, is infinite. That’s why Heaven will be an infinite discovery of the infinite depths of Truth. I can’t wait!


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[Image]Welcome to Truth Blog.

Most people nowadays subscribe to some degree of relativism…….

“If it works for you, then great…” or, “You have your beliefs, I have mine… so what?” or, “There are many roads, but all leading in the same direction…” and even, “it’s all the same God!”.

But Truth Blog is here to say No! There is such thing as Truth, and it is important!!

Many people are looking for “The Answer”. But the Truth is not knowable like the answer to an equation is knowable. Rather, the Truth is God, and God is the Truth. This means that the Truth is discovered through relationship. Just as when we enter into a relationship with a person, we come to know them on ever deeper levels, and come to recognise their voice & characteristics, so as we discover more and more of God, we come to recognise the Truth ever more clearly, even in uncertain circumstances.

This is why I can say honestly that I have fallen in love with the Truth. Believing in the Truth is not a disappointment; it is not a case of being narrow-minded, or dogmatic for its own sake; neither is it an immature need for security by feeling “in the right club”. The Truth is beautiful and captivating, and seeking it is exhilarating and liberating.

Yes, I would give my life for the Truth. But there are other daily sacrifices which must also be made… I would rather lose my friends and family, the affirmation and respect of those around me, my job, my money, anything… I would rather lose anything than my integrity. In a world devoid of justice, it is the most I can possess.

The fullest measure of God’s truth has been given to, and guarded by, the Catholic Church. So, within this blog, I hope to reflect upon a few deposits from the Gold mine of Truth that is the Church’s 2,000 year history, stemming from the Jewish Tradition before it. Through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother Mary, may we all be brought to the fullness of love and Truth in her Son, Jesus Christ, who is Lord and God for ever and ever. Amen!

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